I can still remember the days, when applying for a placement position, wondering what the year ahead would hold. I had always worked in retail and hospitality and had no idea what working in an office environment would be like, let alone working in a Marketing and Communications role. When I received the news, I

Senegal has surpassed expectations in their response to Covid-19.  At the beginning of the pandemic, news outlets reported western countries falling to their knees, overwhelmed health care services, and people dying from lack of. If this was standard in the West, surely Covid would crumble the already fragile health care systems in Africa. However, six

What even is normal anymore? We all miss the normality of our pre-pandemic lives, things we never imagined not being able to do. Like going to a nightclub, letting your ‘hair down’ dancing the night away to your favourite songs with your friends. Going to events, saving money for ages so you can see your

Lecturers always plug extra-curricular activities, don’t they?  It’s easy to nod along in agreement, making a mental note to respond to the university’s countless invitations by email but when they land there’s a deadline looming and you’re left weighing up the value of said event versus research/writing/reading. We have the rest of our lives to