Welcome to the Ulster PR Student blog. Most of the entries here will be written by students on our various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, but we’ll have occasional guest posts from former student, local employers, lecturers and others.

Our students will use this site to discuss PR issues and theory. They’ll be posting articles about topics that interest them, commenting on key academic and professional debates, and highlighting useful and stimulating case studies. We’ll hear from them about their experiences on work placements and internships, learn about their dissertation research, get insights into student life and join them as they take their first career steps.

Each of the students who contribute to this group blog will be eager for feedback from their readers, so we’d love you to retweet their pieces and circulate them on other social media platforms. And, of course, please do comment on posts as we hope these students’ contributions will help to generate some dialogue and discussion amongst other PR students and practitioners.