How PR is Changing In Today’s Society

The big world of marketing is ever changing and for me it is changing in one-way… everything is digital.

When we would traditionally look at marketing we would think naturally of newspapers, radio, TV ads, posters around the town. However that just simply is no more, everything is digital, on your phone instant, right away. This is partly because with the advancement of technology and internet we have also adapted and changed to the point that we also want everything instant, such as SKY where we don’t even have to watch the ads now, Netflix where we can watch a whole TV show in one sitting instead of waiting weekly.








Yes, we have watched a 13 episode series, 45 minute long episodes in one night; it happens the best of us. However this goes deeper than just wanting to watch Netflix all night and watch your favourite TV show, its more than that, its Instagram and the perfect life we al want, with our favourite TV stars advertising these products that will make us look like them and the outfits that they are wearing, its all a made up persona filtered through a filtered app which filters reality into something that it isn’t. But regardless of that fact that is the way that marketing is changing.


Brands are now looking at influencers instead of posters and flyers which can be backed up by this graph below that shows that there is a massive increase every year from 2015 and this is because of the way that the market is going, with TV shows such as Love Island becoming ever popular, brands are aware that this is the way to market their products.


In the last twelve months there has been a 325% increase in searches for Influencer Marketing searches on Google, this statistic has came from the InfluencerMarketingHub.


Again this shows that no one really is watching TV or posters, as there is a profound increase in digital marketing. This also applies to Facebook and targeted ads as they are also leading the way in that brands are targeting people in order to get them interested in their products. This will in the future result in their being no such thing as big TV ads and newspaper ads as people wont be watching them and this is a change that I feel is definitely coming and I don’t think that there is anything that will prevent this from happening.

Personally I feel that this is a far more engaging form of advertising and a far more customer orientated experience as the business is able to build a personal relationship with the brand and therefore this increases customer’s loyalty, as customers love the idea of having that personal touch with a brand.


The massive release of the internet and how its changed has affected everything we used to be so familiar with when it comes to the way that companies advertise and to the way that we as people communicate and there are good and bad effects of this change. There still will always be a place in some parts of society where your local grandma will read the paper and get her local news but I feel that in years to come that will be a nostalgic practice rather than how that person generally gets their news. This shift has made a lot of people and job roles borderline useless however if news agencies and brands adapt to the new times there are massive gains to be made, however if they are trailing their feet they will no doubt go out of business and that is just the harsh reality.








Personally at the end of the day I feel that this is only a plus the change that the Internet and social media have made in PR today, it makes us more connected and more up to date with the world, but like with anything there is a cost and that cost may be that all of your personal information may not be locked up really secure so that no one can know your DOB, but I feel that you will either accept the changes that is occurring in the world, learn to accept it and grow with society or you will be left behind.



I started waking up at 4am, it was interesting…

I know, some of the people that are reading this title will either be already doing something very similar or the opposite end of the spectrum, people that will think this is ridiculous. However let me explain.


Let’s be clear, I LOVE MY BED, way too much in fact. Ever since I gained the name in my household as a sloth and lazy it has latched on to my ankles like a ball and chain ever since, struggling to shake the ever-lasting name of LAZY that burdens me within my family to this day. Society has always pinned early risers as winners of life, people who are automatically successful, heck there is even sayings such as “The Early Bird Catches the worm”, you don’t hear people say “The late bird gets the worm” it just doesn’t happen. People whom like their bed not as much.  Image result for waking up early memes


So I decided once and for all to end the association of laziness with myself. I strolled into the kitchen and announced I am going to start getting up at 4am, 2 hours before my dad. To put it lightly it was laughed off, me? 4am, no way. But yes way, they just didn’t realise it yet.


So on the Monday it began, my alarm went off at 4am, it was a rainy morning as I could hear the rain bouncing of the window and I got that warm feeling when your just toasty in the bed, my head softly supported by the pillow life was good, but I knew I had to, I had to do it at least once? Surely? So I did.


I walked through the house into kitchen where I was met by my dog who was still asleep and woke to see me, I’m pretty sure he thought it was morning as he didn’t even think I would be awake at this time, but I was. I made myself tea and sat down at the computer to sort out emails for work. I worked away not really passing any remarks on the time. It was just the dog, the rain and I.


I heard the door open slowly, it was dad he nearly dropped when he seen me, I told him I have been awake since 4. I showed him the work that I had done and while showing him what I had done it hit me. I had done everything for that day. I had sent every email, sent out every order and organised my week. It was almost as if I had found a cheat code in life. I had done my work before the world woke up. The day was less stressful, I somehow felt less tired, and I could think more clearly and had more time in the evenings. I felt like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Elon Musk.


I think what I’m trying to say is that although it seems outrageous to begin with, and in all honesty stupid. It somehow manages to hack life, I can get work done before work is done, and before anyone else starts his or her day I have half of the work done for my day. It a life hack, I’m not saying this can work for anyone, but If I can gather myself from my bed in the early hours of the mornings. Anyone Can, Literally anyone can.

Stephen Daly is a final year BSc in Communication Management & Public Relations student at Ulster University.