We’ve all been there. That gut wrenching, heart pounding moment you realise you can’t find your phone. You frantically pat your body up and down, hoping, praying that it’s lodged deep within your pocket. Know what I’m talking about? Not nice, is it? Anyone who knows me knows that I love social media. I struggle

“It’s a Corbyn ting” – Stormzy Grime; London’s mash up of UK garage and jungle music. Rapid, syncopated breakbeats featuring jagged electronic sounds, with a gritty lyrical depiction of urban life narrating a grungy beat. But why, in 2017, did Grime have such an impact on politics? On 18th April 2017, Teresa May called for

“Everything we want is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair.   Thanks to Instagram’s savvy (but creepy) technology, posts we genuinely are interested in often appear on our ‘explore’ pages. This is usually pretty useful for me for four reasons; To look at healthy food I’ll probably never make To look at