Adapting to life since Covid-19

Since COVID-19 hit Northern Ireland back in 2020 life has changed completely. I remember I was at Limelight in Belfast at an Example concert living my best life on the 28th of February 2020 and then woke up the next morning and the first thing I saw on my phone was that Covid-19 had hit Northern Ireland, lovely! Since then, it is safe to say life has been a roller coaster.

In the beginning I thought by summer it will be gone we would all have to stay inside for a few months, and we will be good to go. Pretty sure I jinxed it. Who would have known that this awful virus would last for nearly one year with on and off lockdowns happening, selfishly the only thing worrying me at the time was the fact that we were going into a national lockdown 2 weeks before my 21st birthday? I think I was so annoyed because stupidly I did not fully understand Covid and how serious it was. To me I was in my own world having a mid-life crisis about how I was not able to celebrate my birthday. How ridiculous!

2020 in general was just a rubbish year for me and indeed everyone. With Covid happening, experiencing health issues, leaving my placement early, going back to uni online and not being able to see my friends or attend lectures, not being able to see family and friends and struggling with the anxiety of what was going on in the world.

You nearly forget what life used to be like and I struggled going back into social situations.  Although, with all this happening I believe my mentality has changed and I have a different way of thinking.

After 2020, I am very grateful for my health, friends, and family. The most important thing now in my opinion is making sure your family and friends are healthy and happy. I still get to go to uni, I still have a job, and importantly my friends and family are not sick with COVID-19. Some people are really struggling mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally with the aftermath of COVID-19. I really feel for people who are sick, who have their businesses closed and are struggling.

It is important to focus on the positives and have a positive mentality knowing that this will not last forever. Although, the start off 2021 has been questionable with me getting covid I have absolutely no idea how I got it either which is scary, it really makes you realise how infectious this is but nevertheless we move forward!

Everyone has been affected by covid in some way in their life, it is important to stay strong during this time. I really recommend “The Secret” on Netflix it helps you develop a happier, positive mindset on how to manifest your dreams. I am currently manifesting winning the cash call on Cool FM.

Being thankful for what you have during this time and doing things that makes you happy are key for surviving this pandemic and obviously staying indoors!

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Tara Hamill is a final year student studying communication management and public relations. She can be found on Linkedin and Twitter.