I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase, ‘How the other half live’, this particularly applies to the country in the Caribbean, Barbados.

Having just visited the lush country, there were differences in the coastal areas – to that of the towns. From what is a very glamorous and exclusive destination in some parts, is poverty stricken in others.

Would you think this?


What drives the Barbadian economy?

Tourism is the overall major economic factor that all Barbadian citizens live and work for. Having spoken to many staff in restaurants, bars and my accommodation, we found out that tourism employs most people on the island; mind you, a lot of their jobs seemed extremely enjoyable! For example, on the West Coast where I visited, water sports were a major attraction, with tourists participating on an average of 50 sporting activities per day. Yes, what a job!

NB: Not to mention they have sun ALL year (very jealous!)

Tourism in Barbados attracts people from all over the world with its exquisite beaches and popular attractions such as Harrison’s Cave (where the Caribbean ocean meets the Atlantic), Animal Flower Cave and the island’s botanical gardens.

With all of this in mind, it is a very desirable country for us to visit – especially when comparing our winter weather to theirs! That definitely made the 9-hour flight worthwhile!

NI – 0

Barbados – 1


Where to eat?

Barbados consists of magnificent restaurants that overlook breath-taking views. See below a few restaurants that are worth the visit.

  1. The Cliff  The most famous restaurant in Barbados, which is literally on a cliff, yes. It is eye wateringly beautiful, with views of the immense sunset that takes place around 5pm. (Yes I did take a picture of every one I saw) If I were to ever visit again, I would most definitely be back here, obviously to avail of their incredible cocktails.
  2. Lone Star – My favourite (maybe because there was more than just fish on the menu) goes to the Lone Star. After eating fish, a lot, you tend to want to change it up. This was perfect with European cuisine mixed in – that does include pizza… Again overseeing the sea, excuse the pun; it had such a relaxing vibe.
  3. Just Grillin’  This was a great escape from three course meals but not quite fast food; lets say more of a diner. Rated excellent in every tourist book we read, along with all natives recommending, we thought we would give it a go. Despite the very long walk (dads idea) we made it. However, there is no such thing as chips in most diners there, so we had to settle for rice – this is the Barbadian peoples favourite side order. We were all pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend. Just remember to get a taxi!


The Lone Star is described as “The Ivy of the Caribbean” as Michael Winner once said. 

I couldn’t quite believe when driving through the island from the airport, what I was really in for. The island from the outset seems dilapidated, from narrow roads, poor public transport and overall relatively run down villages. However, we were thinking to ourselves, ‘there must be a reason it is a top tourist attraction.’ When we arrived at our hotel, we were correct. With the resorts being a footstep (literally) away from private beaches, the contrast of the city and towns to the coastal areas were drastic. In saying this, Bajans have a very different way of life – sometimes I think I should take a leaf out of their book. Their attitudes are very laid back with what I would say a high context culture. Everything is done with ease and pleasure. Whilst Barbados has an on-going issue with poverty, they are blessed with the most stunning beaches I have ever witnessed.

P.S. watch out for crabs they are everywhere.


So, why visit?

If this blog hasn’t already been even slightly persuasive, I don’t know what will be. Plus my PR skills may not be great after all. Along with all the attractive visuals of Barbados, the tourist attractions and the great food, the people of Barbados make it exceptional. They are so friendly and full of life. The atmosphere they create for your stay is second to none. Sooo, if you get a chance, PLEASE take it!

I hope you have enjoyed my ramble of Barbados; serious holiday blues now!


Katy McGuigan is a final year BSc in Communication, Advertising & Marketing student at Ulster University. You can reach her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/katymcguigan1/ and on Twitter @KatyMcGuigan2.