Everyone go put Alberta, Canada on your bucket list right now eh!

In my humble opinion – Alberta, Canada is the most beautiful place in the world. Granted, I haven’t won the lottery (yet!) and gotten the chance to visit all 194 countries our wee Earth has to offer; but from my other travels, extensive Instagram stalking and google images ‘research’, that is the conclusion I have came to.

I mean, in 20 years time you could ask me – “where is the most beautiful place you’ve visited?” – and my answer may well be completely different; but right now in my 22nd year of life my answer is Alberta, Canada and that’s that.

You know in all those super awkward ice breakers you have to do in school or at the start of a new job, well my “interesting fact” was always “omg I’m like so totally half – Canadian eh!”, I just wanted to sound cool and cultured even though I’ve never actually lived there I just piggyback on my Mom’s nationality. So because my Mom was born there she made it a tradition in our house to visit her family in Canada as much as possible and I’ve carried this tradition into my adult life as well.

GD2When I visited at a young age it was all about maple syrup, big malls and ice hockey games; but as I got older my cousins who grew up there started to take me on hikes and mountain trails with them. I mean I know Ireland is basically a big green hill but walking up the Rockies is completely different territory.

To the right is a photo of me at stunning Lake Louise which is about a 3 hour drive from Calgary, the most populous city in Alberta. This is me at the start of a 4 hour hike – I had just gotten a spray tan the day before (#justholidaythings) and it’s safe to say after walking up mountains in the blazing sun for 4 hours my lovely white top was NOT white anymore.

As hard as the hikes are, everything is worth it once you get to your destination. I’m sure everyone has seen that Instagram caption – “The best view comes after the hardest climb” – I’m certain whoever came up with it must have been making their way up the Rockies.



GD6This is a photo from the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff which is a town situated in the middle of the Rockies in Alberta. I took this picture in July of 2019. The only real way to describe the view if you haven’t seen it in person, is that it literally looks like your staring at the worlds biggest postcard.


When I visited in summer 2018, I stayed with my family in Calgary, it was then that my cousin introduced me to the concept of “sunrise hikes’’. In my head this sounded magical and exciting when in reality it was a very grumpy and sleep deprived me being dragged out of bed at 3am to go look at the stupid sun rise. My mood quickly changed however when we arrived at Moraine Lake to watch that “stupid” sun rise.

I took these photos moments apart when we reached the top of Moraine Lake’s viewpoint at about 5am. Again there are no words to describe the view, watching the sky change from pink to blue and yellow in a matter of seconds is something I will never forget. I know you can watch the sunrise from anywhere in the world but watching it in a place like Moraine Lake with the Rockies as a backdrop; it really makes you appreciate the natural beauty the world has to offer.



This is another picture from an attempted sunrise hike at Peyto Lake, which is an hour from Moraine Lake. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the sunrise because it was a super cloudy morning but we didn’t mind because we got to spend our time wandering about with our heads literally in the clouds.

I could share plenty more photos of mountains, lakes and skylines but the views aren’t the only things that make Alberta beautiful. It is definitely a stereotype that Canadian people are “the nicest people in the world”, but in my experience they actually are. When you walk into a shop it’s not hard to imagine the clerk or even another customer getting down on one knee and pulling out a Tiffany’s box they are that happy to see you and there’s no difference between stepping into a Walmart, a 5 star hotel or just walking down the street, Canadians genuinely are happy to see you.

It’s funny I was talking to someone recently about Canadians and they asked me “but aren’t they too nice?” and it just stuck with me; because in the world that we live in today I don’t know how anyone could be too nice, kindness is something we can actually control and why wouldn’t you want to be as kind as possible and put a smile on someone’s face in the midst of all this uncertainty.

So I urge anyone reading this that is planning a holiday soon, put Alberta on your bucket list! It’s an amazing place filled with spectacular scenery, kind and generous people that LOVE anyone Irish and a welcoming nature that feels like you’ve never left home.

I’ve included a video below of Moraine Lake during the sunrise, just in case the photos haven’t twisted your arms!

Gareth Donnelly is a Final Year BSc Communications Management and Public Relations student at University of Ulster. He can be found on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/gareth-donnelly-1a6161196 , Twitter – @GarethDonnelly4 and Instagram – @garethd__

A Worthy CAUSE

It was always my intention to volunteer with a local charity during my final year of university, I wanted to give some of my time to help in any way that I could. I got involved with CAUSE – a mental health charity focusing on providing support for the carers of those people with severe mental illnesses. The work they do is extremely important, and they are the only charity of their kind within Northern Ireland. 2020 is their 25th anniversary and so they wanted a Communications/PR volunteer to help raise awareness about their birthday year and so I quickly put my name forward to help.GD30

After a great first meeting with two members of the CAUSE team I was all set for my new role as a Communications volunteer. Fast forward a few months and I have been able to meet various members of the CAUSE team and they have all been so lovely and welcoming. I work mostly with the wonderful Anne Holland who is the fundraising manager for CAUSE. I was instantly drawn in by her bubbly personality and we get on very well, she is a very positive person and there is a never a dull moment when she’s around.

The first day that I met Anne she persuaded me to sign up for CAUSE’s biggest fundraising event – Strictly Come Dancing. This was one of the most memorable and exciting things I have ever done, I encourage any of you that have the chance to participate in a charity run Strictly to do it! I always fancied myself to be a good dancer but that was exclusively reserved for weekend dance floors, however I quickly learned after attending my first training session that I did not have one ounce of rhythm in me…

Everyone else was twirling, kicking and cartwheeling around me whilst I was like yes! I can do a star-jump! We started training in September with the goal of our big Christmas – themed show night at the end of November. I was like a fish out of water during the early training sessions as without any experience and 3 dances to learn my poor wee legs couldn’t keep up. My lovely partner and I got assigned the Cha-Cha to Snoop Dogg’s version of Winter Wonderland (I know lol) and we had one group dance to All I want for Christmas and one to Fairy-tale of New York. So, no pressure eh?

As the weeks of training went on, I started to grow more confident with the aid of everyone involved in my Strictly experience, they were all so kind and encouraging and they helped me every dance – step of the way.  By the time it came to show night in November at the glitzy Stormont Hotel I was a bundle of nerves and yet still filled with so much excitement and anticipation for the night ahead. I tanned myself up, got the lowest cut shirt probably ever worn on a man, and wiggled into my skinny fit velvet trousers – time to Cha – Cha! Our dance went great, I made a couple of tiny mistakes but sure the audience didn’t realise what I was supposed to be doing anyway! The judges loved the dance and most importantly my navy lace shirt was a hit. Our two group dances which book ended the night also went fantastically and it’s safe to say I was completely Mariah Carey’d out at the end of it all.


An amazing amount of money was raised for CAUSE which is the main reason we did the show in the first place and without the incomparable Anne Holland at the reigns there would have been no show to perform at.

Apart from my amazing experience with Strictly, I’ve had the best time volunteering for CAUSE. I’ve had the opportunity to see what goes on in the day to day running of a charity and how important promotional materials, communications and PR are for a small local charity.

Most recently I was given the chance to go to a recruitment fair at the Belfast MET Millfield campus and talk to various students looking for volunteering and placement opportunities. I highly recommended CAUSE to all the students I talked to and even promoted CAUSE’s latest Strictly event – Strictly Jigs and Reels. It was a really fun experience and great to see the amount of young people eager to volunteer.


I am currently working on developing some promotional materials for CAUSE’s 25th anniversary, having the opportunity to think creatively outside of an educational setting is really fun and rewarding; especially when it is for such a great charity.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with CAUSE and can’t wait to see what the rest of their Birthday year has in store! I cannot emphasise enough how important volunteering is, especially for small charities. So, I encourage anyone reading this to even consider volunteering, be it for CAUSE or another charity – I know that you won’t regret it!

Gareth Donnelly is a final year BSc in Communication Management and Public Relations student at Ulster University. He can be found on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/gareth-donnelly-1a6161196 , Twitter – @GarethDonnelly4 and Instagram – @garethd__

The 2010s: A Pop Music Countdown

How is it 2020 already?!? It seems like yesterday we were all running about the place listening to Tik Tok – which currently has a WHOLE new meaning in 2020 –  by Ke$ha on our iPods (remember those?). So with a new decade in full swing I thought I’d attempt to count down the songs and albums that shaped my 2010s.

Bearing in mind that 95% of my saved songs on Spotify are Glee covers, I’ll try to be as diverse as possible with the music I choose. So basically no artist can have more than one song or album in any list – which for me means that I unfortunately cannot have Katy Perry occupy every possible spot on my top ten lists.

Let’s start off by counting down the top ten pop songs that shaped my 2010s…


Top 10 Songs of the 2010s –

1. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (July 2010)

A sing at the top of your lungs chorus and an expertly crafted bubblegum pop beat. A song that transports you back to summer as a teenager with not a care in the world. I challenge anyone to listen to the first 3 seconds of this song and not feel a wave of nostalgia flow through them. A song that is the blueprint for perfect pop and an indicator of the kind of pop songs we’d be listening to throughout the 2010s.


2. Dancing On My Own – Robyn (June 2010)


Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my own’ is the original “do I cry or dance to this?” pop banger. It’s lyrics are thoughtful and romantic enough for on repeat listening, but it also has a pop sensibility that makes you want to head out in search of a dance floor. This is one of those songs that never gets old, listening to it now it still sounds as fresh as ever; even if the lyrics hit a lot differently in comparison to my 13 year old self listening to it.


  1. Gypsy – Lady Gaga (November 2013)


The most criminally underrated Gaga song from her most criminally underrated album – Artpop. It has a slow and steady build up with a retro 80s beat but once it reaches the chorus it showcases Gaga at her best – belting out lyrics that you can’t help but sing a long to – “I don’t wanna be alone forever, but I can be tonight.” It is an instant classic that was made to be performed in arenas across the world and it     provides listeners with an epic narrative about fame and loneliness.


  1. Delicate – Taylor Swift (November 2017)


It’s crazy to think that Taylor Swift has completely transformed herself from a guitar wielding, country song – crooner to a pop superstar. ‘Delicate’ is the perfect example of her talents at creating an excellent pop song. With vulnerable and insightful lyrics backed by progressive synths and whispering vocals. Also the way her vocals are distorted by a vocoder in the first 20 seconds is just a whole lot of yes!


  1. Turning Tables – Adele (January 2011)


On ‘Turning Tables’, Adele effortlessly executes all the low and high notes of the song – showing off her incredible vocal range. Aside from the vocals, the lyrics provide us with the story of a scorned lover and we all know Adele is at her best when she is her most heartbroken. In my opinion it is one of the most overlooked songs in her discography as it gives us everything that is quintessential Adele, impeccable vocals, sentimental lyrics and a good old cry. Also the Gwyneth Paltrow cover on Season 2 of Glee is fab!


  1. Ribs – Lorde (January 2013)


Everyone dreads getting old and with ‘Ribs’ Lorde truly captures the emotions and fears that accompany growing up. The song starts off slow (no vocals are present for the first 50 seconds) and as Lorde begins to sing she starts to sound more frantic and panicked after every note as she sings “it feels so scary getting old”. By the end of the song you find yourself reminiscing about good times you’ve had with your friends, trying so desperately to hold onto your youth just as Lorde is throughout the song.


  1. Super Bass – Nicki Minaj (April 2011)


Nicki was the one that introduced me to the world of rap. Obviously I heard all those m*n on the radio but whenever Nicki burst onto the scene she was so exciting and different, integrating her signature hip-hop sound with elements of pop. Super Bass is the classic Nicki song that everyone knows the words to and it always finds its way on during a reminiscent pre drinks.


  1. Only Girl (In The World) – Rihanna (November 2010)


Throughout the decade Rihanna ruled the radio and the charts, and rightfully so. With sure fire classics like ‘Only Girl’, Rihanna was able to ensure complete dance floor domination. A feel good EDM-pop song that gets everyone on their feet. It’s not necessarily the best song in her discography but it perfectly captures the sound that she used to cement her superstar status. Now Rih, how about that album hmm?


  1. Countdown – Beyoncé (June 2011)


A song unlike anything in Beyoncé’s most recent discography but a welcome addition all the same. It is impossible to resist the eccentric nature of the beat and Beyoncé’s nearly rap like vocals. With the ‘Countdown’ esque chorus that is so simple yet effective, a perfect R&B/Pop banger is born.  The Audrey Hepburn influenced music video is also an instant classic and the Snuggie version on YouTube is a must watch for a few laughs!


  1. Run Away With Me – Carly Rae Jepsen (September 2015)


I couldn’t round out my top 10 pop songs of the decade and not include Miss Pop Princess – Carly Rae Jepsen!! Everyone knows her for the irresistibly catchy ‘Call Me Maybe’ but I respect her for everything she has released since her catapult to stardom in 2012. It is reminiscent of the number 1 song on this list as it creates the picture of a teenage love story coupled with an anthenmic, summery chorus. It is an underrated pop music gem that sets the scene for one of the best pop albums (ever?!) but more on that later…



Honourable Mentions –

  1. High Horse – Kacey Musgraves (March 2018)

Country meets pop in the best way – Taylor Swift is shaking.


2. Your Love Is My Drug – Ke$ha (January 2010)


Is there anything more 2010 than this song? Miss you Ke$ha.


3. Commander – Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta (November 2010)

Invented by the Waltzer in Bundoran? If you know, you know.


Next up we have the pop albums that defined my 2010s…


Top 10 Albums of the 2010s –


  1. Pure Heroine – Lorde (September 2013)


Whenever I listen to “Pure Heroine” it still amazes me that Lorde was only 16 when she wrote the album. Not only are her lyrics thought provoking but her vocals are striking against the heavy bass and programmed beats of the albums 10 tracks. Lorde explores themes of growing up, cynicism and friendship; all of which I identified with listening to this album as a jaded teenager. It was the soundtrack of my transition from teenager to ‘adult’ and I don’t think another album deserved the #1 spot more.

Certified Banger: Glory and Gore

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Ribs


2. Emotion – Carly Rae Jepsen (June 2015)


At the start of the decade if someone had told me that Carly Rae Jepsen would be challenging the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for the crown of “pop queen” I would have been like “emmm who?!?”. She burst onto the scene with the pop anthem that no one could get out of their heads – “Call Me Maybe”, but it was her 2015 album “Emotion” that truly cemented her status as a pop perfectionist. With tracks backed by an array of drums, synths and 80s callbacks its a dream album for any pop enthusiast.

Certified Banger: Making The Most Of The Night

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Your Type


3. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry (August 2010)


Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” era is one of the most successful pop eras of all time. With over 7 million albums and close to 50 million singles sold worldwide as well as 7 Grammy nominations; Perry was able to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in music. She also tied Michael Jackson’s US chart record by having 5 songs from one album hit #1 on the charts. It’s not hard to see why this album was so successful as each track exudes pop excellence with irresistibly catchy hooks, playful lyrics and sing along choruses. Listening to this album brings me back to the simpler days of teenage discos when your only stress was choosing what grossly coloured Hollister top you’d pair with your “skin tight jeans”.

Certified Banger: Hummingbird Heartbeat

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Not Like The Movies


4. Reputation – Taylor Swift (November 2017)


I’ll be taking absolutely no ‘Reputation’ slander, this album is great! Although ‘1989’ is a real contender for best pop album ever, ‘Reputation’ just hits differently. The production is excellent and even though Miss Taylor isn’t known for the best vocals she knows how to lay down a track through various EDM, pop and synth-pop styles. It is a big, brash album that is backed by some extremely weaponised lyrics – long gone is the sweet little girl singing ‘Love Story’. I mean ‘Lover’ was cute but ‘Reputation 2.0’ next T-Swift thank yew!!

Certified Banger: I Did Something Bad

A Sad Song to make you sadder: New Year’s Day


5. Artpop – Lady Gaga (November 2013)


As I said previously, ‘Artpop’ is a criminally underrated album. I wish people would just forget about what they wanted Gaga’s  fourth album to be and just enjoy it for what it is. There are definitely some not so great songs *cough Jewels N’ Drugs cough* but there are so many gems. Throughout the album Gaga belts her way through EDM and disco fuelled songs that are encouraging you to have fun and forget your worries on the dance floor. There is no denying Gaga knows how to craft a pop song and this album showcases it, even if people were too bitter to realise. #JusticeforArtpop

Certified Banger: Fashion

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Dope


6. Ctrl – SZA (June 2017)


I had to seriously argue with myself about putting this album on the list. This b*tch cancelled her concert THE DAY I was going to see her so we fell out for a while and this album was swiftly deleted(!) from my Spotify and SZA was banished from my life. However, a couple of years have passed and I recently purchased the album on Vinyl and fell in love again. It is an album with no heavy production or big vocals its just stripped back to perfection highlighting the unique tone of her voice and the relatable, vulnerable lyrics. The perfect album to listen to on a long train ride or just when you want to wind down. Still hate her though.

Certified Banger: Prom

A Sad Song to make you sadder: 20 Something


7. 4 – Beyoncé (June 2011)


The album that invented the “fourth-album curse.” Just like Lady Gaga’s ‘Artpop’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’, ‘4’ by Beyoncé is seriously underrated. Obviously ‘Beyoncé’ and ‘Lemonade’ are phenomenal, timeless albums but it was ‘4’ that really ignited my love for Queen Bey. It is an album that celebrates love and revels in heartbreak. As usual Beyoncé showcases her stellar vocal prowess (stream 1+1) and her immense versatility as she traverses through pop, R&B, soul and funk effortlessly.

Certified Banger: Schoolin’ Life

A Sad Song to make you sadder: I Was Here (Watch the UN performance on YouTube… Whew!)


8. Yours Truly – Ariana Grande (September 2013)


The pop superstar of the future’s first album is still her best – I’m sorry I know my exquisite taste is too much sometimes! Showcasing her powerful vocals and her penchant for Pop-R&B this album provides us with a simple, yet effective journey through Grande’s early loves and life. Her most recent music has evolved and so has she but there is something so sweet and innocent about this album, a theme I happily relate to the early 2010s.

Certified Banger: Better Left Unsaid

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Almost is Never Enough


9. Loud – Rihanna (November 2010)


Brandishing her signature red hair, Rihanna could do no wrong. ‘Loud’ is filled with banger after banger, Rih clearly just wanted us to live on the dance floor. It is reminiscent of her early dance-pop classics like ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ and returned her to the top of pop after her stint on the dark side with ‘Rated R’ (another underrated 4th album HELLO the curse is real). So all that’s left to say is, Fenty Beauty is sickening but throw the god damn makeup in the bin and GIVE! US! THE! ALBUM!

Certified Banger: S&M

A Sad Song to make you sadder: California King Bed


10. Pink Friday – Nicki Minaj (November 2010)


The last spot on the top 10 album list belongs to none other than Queen of the Barbs – Miss Nicki Minaj. With a perfect balance of hip-hop, pop and R&B Nicki was able to create a masterful debut album. With countless memorable hooks and an insight into her versatility through the lens of her various rap personas she cemented herself as the next big thing in music.

Certified Banger: Blazin

A Sad Song to make you sadder: Save Me


Honourable Mentions –


1. Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves (March 2018)


While listening to this excellent album am I:

  • Sad?
  • Happy?
  • Both?


2. Self-Titled Album – Paramore (April 2013)


My 14 year old emo self would be so sad if I did not include a Paramore album..


3. 21 – Adele (January 2011)


Gear up guys, Adele and her husband split up; album of the decade incoming!! See you on next decade’s list sis..


If you have made it to the end of my ramblings on pop music over the last decade you’re a real one! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed what you read, and if not maybe I at least inspired your Spotify streaming for a little while… Deuces!


Gareth Donnelly is a Final Year BSc Communications Management and Public Relations student at Ulster University. He can be found on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/gareth-donnelly-1a6161196 , Twitter – @GarethDonnelly4 and Instagram – @garethd__





Caitlyn Jenner, “The Jungle” & The Transgender Community

It is safe to say that the Kardashian/Jenner family are among the most famous people in the world and pretty much everyone from the age of 12-35 knows who they are. So, it’s come as quite a shock to the UK public that one of Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s parents is taking on the Australian Jungle in ITV show – “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”.

Caitlyn Jenner (birth given name Bruce) is a transgender woman, Olympic gold medallist and American reality TV star. Caitlyn came out to the world as a transgender woman in April 2015 in an interview with American TV journalist Diane Sawyer. A cover shoot with fashion and popular culture publication ‘Vanity Fair’ followed in June (this can be seen below). Caitlyn’s tweet revealing the cover shoot was announced as the 10th most retweeted tweet of 2015.She has a reported net worth of $100 million (£74 million) and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to gain 1 million followers on Twitter.


Known for its brutal bushtucker trials that have celebrities eating animal genitalia amongst other gruesomeness; “I’m a Celebrity” is not an environment one would imagine a member of the Kardashian empire immersing themselves into.

So it poses the question why? Why is someone with Jenner’s wealth and fame taking on not only everything the ITV producers will throw at her in terms of bushtucker trials; but also, the notoriously critical UK public? It’s a question many people have tried to answer since the announcement that she was heading for “the jungle” but at this stage it’s all just speculation.

My guess is that she wants to reinvent herself after a lot of bad press over the last few years. You may argue that she’s not from the UK so she should try this so-called reinvention in the US, but the last series launch episode of “I’m a Celebrity” garnered over 14 million viewers. Only 4 more US series garnered more viewers last year – NFL Sunday Night Football, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS and Game of Thrones. With those viewing figures and the added benefit of social media publicity, the life of Caitlyn Jenner in “the jungle” is surely about to become a viral sensation around the globe.

After it was announced that Jenner was going to be a part of “I’m a Celebrity” this year, I like the true millennial I am delved headfirst into the chaotic social media uproar that occurred. The content that I saw on this social media sleuthing was horrific. The amount of transphobic and downright shameful language that people all over the internet were using in relation to Caitlyn Jenner, was truly shocking. I didn’t expect in 2019 for there to be so much hate directed towards a transgender person. Below are two examples of transphobic rhetoric being used on Twitter.




One of the most surprising things to me was that all this hate was not coming from the typical people you would expect. The usual Twitter trolls and Instagram haters that we have come to expect this type of behaviour off were of course contributing to the chaos, but they were not the only source. I saw countless social media accounts with pride flags and empowering ‘bio’ messages slander Caitlyn Jenner and ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ posts making fun of her gender reassignment surgery and her life as Bruce. It was truly disheartening.

I completely understand the backlash that Caitlyn Jenner has received over the past few years, through publicly supporting Donald Trump and Ted Cruz she has rightfully disillusioned herself from the LGBTQ+ community. However, that is a judgement of her character and it should not encourage people to attack her as a trans person. If someone has a negative opinion of Caitlyn Jenner it should be about her as a person, not her transgender identity. A twitter user touches on this point, as seen below.


The sad fact about this is that with Caitlyn Jenner entering “the jungle” she is opening herself up to the ridicule, slander and transphobia that will no doubt become a main stay on social media in the next three weeks. However it’s not only her that is affected, whilst she will be oblivious to the happenings of the outside world – the transgender members of the public will have to deal with it.

I have seen a lot of tweets detailing peoples’ concern about Caitlyn Jenner being a representative of sorts for the transgender community within the UK – one can be seen below. Bringing Caitlyn Jenner onto over 14 million screens around the UK will start conversations within households that a lot of young transgender people may not be ready to face. With the amount of transphobia present on social media right now when “I’m a Celebrity” hasn’t even started yet, it is a frightening prospect to think about what transgender people of all ages will have to see online as the show progresses.


One Twitter user shares their interest in finding out how transphobic the UK public really are now that Caitlyn Jenner will be center stage for everyone to ridicule. Don’t get me wrong I personally don’t agree with many of Caitlyn Jenners’ choice in the past and I do not think she is a good representative for the transgender community, but as I stated earlier if you really feel the need to attack her, do just that don’t attack her identity.GD26

So over the next three weeks that “I’m a Celebrity” is viewable over every possible screen in the country – I want to encourage people not to enable transphobia. By liking a tweet or facebook post, you are supporting hatred that can cause detrimental effects to a whole community of people. By laughing at someone misgendering Caitlyn Jenner or making fun of her appearance remember that there is a whole community of people out there that this affects – Stonewall.org reports the damning fact that 89 percent of young trans people have contemplated suicide. Remember that somewhere in the UK a young transgender person is reading tweets and hearing comments in school that invalidates who they are; just remember that one word directed at one person can affect millions across the world.


Gareth Donnelly is a final year BSc in Communication Management and Public Relations student at Ulster University. He can be found on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/gareth-donnelly-1a6161196 , Twitter – @GarethDonnelly4 and Instagram – @garethd__