I’m not a celebrity get me out of here!

Yes. I know what you are thinking. This is just another blog about this year’s I’m a celebrity line-up and all the antics that happened in the jungle, well then your right! For the first time in 16 years, I decided to sit-down every-night for the past three weeks and dedicate an hour and half to watch celebrities trying to survive life down under. Three weeks ago 11 celebrities were individually chosen and asked to take part in this year’s I’m a celeb. Over the three weeks they have taken part in bush tucker trials, dingo dollar challenges, and adventurous tasks that would help them in getting food for the camp. To get the food, they’ve had to eat critters, lie in caves with rats, and even swim with alligators. This would be a very big no from me!


When they first arrived at the camp they were not sure what to expect. To get into the camp, some celebrities had to skydive, others had to get stars in order to win the other team. These stars were not as easy as you think to get. Each night one celebrity was selected by the public vote to do the bush tucker trial. These bush tucker trials helped the celebrities earn proper meals. Each star that they retrieved during the trial was a meal for camp. But holly and Dec made sure these stars were not going to be found easy. Over the weeks I have seen celebrities eat spiders, a camel’s hoof and even a fish’s eyeball. To say there was times I needed to turn off the T.V. was an understatement. I would definitely be the celebrity to come back to camp with little or no stars. If the camp did not receive any stars they had to live on rice and beans. Ugh, even the thought of it makes me feel hungry!


Another way the celebrities were able to earn treats was completing dingo dollar challenges. These challenges were more fun in compared to the trials, and celebrities had more time to complete them. I think this would be more my cup of tea if I was in the jungle. When the celebrities completed the challenge, they then head to kiosk Kevin where they receive tasty treats. Cupcakes, cookies and ice-pops are some of the treats the celebrities got. However, to get the treats the campmates had to answer a question, for example, ‘what percentage of UK parent are full confident was goes on in their kid’s lives. A)80% B)45%.’ However, 75% of the time they got the question wrong, so left with nothing.


When in the jungle the celebrities had to live a real jungle life. Cook their own meals, wash their clothes in the river, and use an outside dunny. At the start, adjusting to this life was hard for the celebrities, but as time went on they were adopting to it no problem. At the during each week, someone new was appointed to be the group leader, their job was to assign jobs to the rest of the celebrities, while they got their own bed and all duties completed for them. I would be definitely wishing I would be the group leader as I would be no help in doing any of the other jobs.


Towards the end of the season, celebrities received special letters from home. This was very emotional for the celebrities; I know this because it even brought a tear to my eye. When they got near the end they started to receive more luxuries, e.g. they got to go to the jungle bar. I think this would be the highlight of my experience! Over the three weeks I have really enjoyed the show, however, watching it has made me realise how scared I actually am of rats, snakes, spiders, and pretty much everything that moves. I am not a celebrity, but if I was on the show, I would definitely be saying ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!!’.


Chloe Toner is a final year BSc in Communication Management and Public Relations student at Ulster University. She can be found at: LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/chloe-toner-937039153